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Mark Ovens – Digital & Online Marketing Specialist

Written by admin_space on December 23rd, 2011

Mark Ovens is a person that lives in the Norwich & Norfolk area, he is a digital & online specialist in all forms of digital technology, media and devices.

Mark Ovens, Online Marketing Specialist

Mark Ovens

Well, Mark Ovens is a person that lives in the Norwich & Norfolk area, specialising in the world of digital and working in the online environment, he prides himself of being┬ávery meticulous in everything he does. He’s not a salesman so don’t worry about the hard sell, he tells you how it is without the flannel and is upfront about the work that needs undertaking. He is known by word of mouth and is involved in all areas of online marketing, as an expert/specialist he deals with areas such as search engine optimization and pay per click advertising, web development, setting KPI’s and conversion optimisation, vicinity marketing, QR codes/barcodes and so much more, as the world of digital is such a big arena. So if you’re looking for a digital and online specialist in Norwich, Norfolk, then look no further.

Mark Ovens can be found on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, or find him through, you should be able to find him everywhere, just type his name into a search engine…! So if you’re looking for someone with a strong background in direct marketing, specialising in digital media in an online environment, including all forms of digital technology and devices, then Mark Ovens is your man!

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